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Why Service-Enable your IBM i?

This webinar is not just another PowerPoint presentation. Join Trevor Perry as he guides you through publishing and consuming web services with your existing applications. You will see live, practical examples and demonstrations of real customer experiences.

By viewing this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Identify and start your first web services project
  • Easily integrate with other applications & systems
  • Automate & streamline business processes
  • Quickly create components for SOA compliance

You will also learn how other IBM i customers have implemented service enablement.


View this webinar to see how your existing applications can easily integrate with any other web service based application, platform or device.The live demo includes service enabling existing IBM core applications and real customer  experiences.

soarchitect’s ability to rapidly expose reusable services from our BPCS back-end ERP means we can define workflows that integrate our disparate applications”. Jeffrey Tan Abbott Laboratories.

"looksoftware has allowed us to save hundreds of hours of development time and more importantly, thousands of dollars of expensive consulting effort to port existing, time-tested iSeries functionality over to the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. With soarchitect, we can leave this already-working business logic intact on our System i and simply use web services to exchange data as needed with our new Dynamics AX system…” George Hamin, Director of eBusiness & Information Systems, Subaru.

Subaru service - enabled their i back-end to integrate with Microsoft’s Dynamix and SharePoint.
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View the on-demand webinar:

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Presented by Trevor Perry


Trevor Perry

  Globally recognized application and enterprise modernization expert


All registrants receive free White Paper titled: Why Service-Enable?


“The new website took 30 person days effort and now processes 24,000 web services daily – we’re reusing the business logic from the unchanged IBM back-ends."

VicRoads service enabled their i and z back-ends to deliver new solutions including a new web site, SAP integration and IVR integration.

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